Plants – Coleus Seedlings Update

coleus 002

Yesterday, I moved my coleus plantlets out onto the back porch to begin acclimating them to the cooler night temperatures. I will probably plant them this weekend, even though the nights are still unseasonably cool. I am hoping a few days and nights on the porch will sufficiently harden them off. They are still very small. They have been grown in a cool basement under lights, and although this keeps them from becoming too leggy, it does not promote quick growth.

coleus 004

It’s fun to see what new patterns and scalloped edges the new season will bring. This year, as always, I have one or two favorites. My dilemma will be the decision of whether to plant them outdoors where they will face elements and insects, or coddle them on the porch for a few months. Maybe I will do a little bit of both.

coleus 005

Growing coleus from my own seeds is one of summer’s happiest pleasures.

coleus 007

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