Project – Seashell Mobile


My cousin visited from out west this Spring. We spent a glorious day on some local beaches saving horseshoe crabs that had upended themselves and collecting sea glass and shells. I love the project she created with her finds, a seashell mobile, complete with a piece of ceramic turned into sea glass by the waves. I’m inspired! I was meaning to sort through my shells, but the thought of making one of these mobiles will give me a bit more incentive. So pretty!

myrna 002

Collecting shells and saving overturned horseshoe crabs.

A good friend drilled the shells for my cousin. Use a thin drill bit with any type drill you are comfortable using. Notice the wooden block beneath the shell. If you don’t wear glasses put on a pair of safety glasses. Use fishing line to put the mobile together. This is a great project for shells, sea glass and other beach finds you might have collected over the years.


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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