Problem-Solving – Preventing Rust on Wire Ornamentals


I love wire fixtures and knick-knacks in my house. The above photograph shows one of my favorites. Since this wire fixture holds bottles that are filled with water, it was inevitable it would begin to rust.


A little rust is not a big deal, but it is growing, and beginning to transfer itself to the windowsill it sits on. (This was removed with a Mr. Clean Eraser)


Break out some of your clear nail polish for a quick, easy and economical solution.


Dab a bit of the clear polish on the bottom of the wire, make sure to cover all parts of the wire that will come in contact with a surface.


As you can see from the photograph you want to be careful to paint the protection only on areas that won’t be seen. The polish dries with a shine. To solve this problem you can purchase a matte sealer, but then the entire objective of quick, easy and inexpensive is defeated.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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