Plants – Arugula

Another rerun post, but worth blogging and reading again. Arugula is very easy to sprout. Seed packets usually contain hundreds, if not thousands, of seeds. Arugula will grow in a sunny windowsill or under lights.

Arugula is one of my favorite salad greens. It is also very easy to grow from seed. Sow close to the surface of your seed starting medium, water, cover with plastic, and in a few short days you will have arugula seedlings. When you thin overcrowded sprouts, the plantlets you clip away can be used in a salad or atop a sandwich as microgreens.

Arugula has very few calories and is full of good vitamins and minerals, being especially high in vitamin A and C. I harvested the arugula seen in the above photo yesterday. It has grown very productively under lights, and the small leaves made a great addition to my tuna fish sandwich. The peppery blast of the arugula added just the right touch of spice to the bland tuna.

Arugula also grows well in outdoor gardens during the cooler spring and autumn months. This terrific and healthy salad green is widely available in almost all supermarket produce sections. Enjoy.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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