Plants – Cyclamen


Cyclamen are one of my favorite houseplants. Arriving when I am flower-starved, near Christmas through Springtime, the blossoms give the appearance of butterflies hovering over the white-splotched foliage.


The flowers come in many colors, pinks, reds, crimsons and purples are a few of the choices. When I purchased the plant in the photographs I had a hard time deciding between the bright red and a white with a pink edge. The vivid hue won out this time.


When I choose a cyclamen I always look within the swirl of leaves to see if there are several new buds showing. This will ensure I have cyclamen blossoms for several weeks.

Cyclamens are seasonal plants that grow from a corm. They can be brought back into bloom from their dormancy period, but I usually discard the plant when the blossoms are gone and the leaves become straggly in appearance. Perhaps this is the year I will coax one back into bloom…we’ll see.

Read more on how to grow a cyclamen plant here: The Cyclamen Society FAQ’s

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