Philm – Twelve Years a Slave

Twelve Years a Slave won this year’s Oscar for best picture. I recently viewed the movie “On Demand.” I found it to be a good representation of this time in the history of the United States. What struck me most was the paragraphs of explanation at the end of the movie: most free people of color who were kidnapped and sold into slavery never escaped from that bondage, Solomon Northrup was an exception to those percentages. The movie is rated “R” due to extreme violence, brief nudity and some brief sexual situations.

I have seen very few movies in the recent years, but chose to see this one because of it’s historical content. I am glad I did. It opened up my eyes to a whole new horrific facet of life as a person of color in that period of history, the possibility of being kidnapped and sold into slavery.

It’s easy to shake our head and go about our days aware of the past, but also relieved it is just that, the past. Unfortunately, slavery still exists around the globe in different forms, people are used as “property” all over the world.

Slavery in the Modern Day World

I don’t know what is to be done about modern-day slavery, but as in all things, the first step in solving a problem is to bring a sense of awareness of the issue to more people.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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