Painting – WetCanvas April Challenges


I am hoping to take part in two WetCanvas Challenges this month.  Sharron, in the Floral and Botanical Forum has chosen Anemones (Windflowers) as the subject this month. There are several lovely reference photographs to choose from in the forum along with many others in the WetCanvas Reference Library.

Any artist may participate, any medium, any approach…….2D, 3D, mixed and collaged if you wish.

I’m hoping to paint at least one anemone, maybe even two this time. I think it would be fun to try a technique completely new to me that would stretch my creativity a bit.

You can find the thread and several reference photographs here: April 2014 Plant Parade


Yorky (Doug) has chosen a floral border from his own garden as the subject for this month’s Watercolor Studio Challenge.

You can find the thread here: Watercolor Studio April Challenge – Floral Border

I definitely see a cat appearing somewhere in my painting. I am hoping to have the time to take part in both of these challenges. Give either or both a try if the thought of capturing the essence of the photos in artwork wraps your brain in a state of creative euphoria. Happy Creating!

2 thoughts on “Painting – WetCanvas April Challenges

  1. Whatever medium you choose, I believe in my heart, that you will do great!
    As far as doing something to expand your creativity, I say go for it….win, lose or draw, it will be a learning experience & you will be the better for it. The government can take everything from you but your dignity(lest you let them) & the knowledge in your head.
    If your hubby has enough faith & love to stick by you for more than 2 years, how could I ever not support a fine Lady who is talented beyond words?
    I wish you the best in all you do. 8 )


    1. timelesslady

      Thanks Tulani, April is a very full month. Gardening begins in earnest, there are many more chores added to the day as we begin to take care of the yard, but the fun of capturing these beautiful flowers onto paper needs to be a priority too! A happy day to you and yours!


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