Phlowers – Garden Lilies


Lilies are blooming in the garden this week. I’m pleased with several of the new varieties I planted this year. I had quite a laugh over the lily in the photograph above. This flower grows near one of my bird baths. Within the petals I spotted a mulberry, left there by a resourceful bird as he bathed. I guess he was also a bit forgetful and flew away after his bath without the prize.

Here are a few of the garden lilies in bloom.






4 thoughts on “Phlowers – Garden Lilies

  1. JaneM

    Gorgeous lilies! I learned many years ago that my birth name (my father changed it, giving me family names – why my mother acquiesced, I’ll never know.) translates to “lily girl.”


    1. I’ve always thought “Lily” a beautiful name for a girl. I love Lily-Girl. It reminds me a bit of my maternal grandparents who called daughter and grand-daughters “Honey-Girl.” Oh how I would love to hear those words again spoken by those precious voices. Thanks for the comment Jane…have the happiest of days. 🙂
      PS I also love the name Liliana.


      1. JaneM

        Actually, my birth name was Yuriko (Japanese). My father served during the Korean War, so you could say my mother was a “war bride.”


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