Pleasures – The Dragonfly Whisperer Returns


The Dragonflies are back. Two years ago I blogged about my close encounter with a dragonfly here: July 2012 Dragonfly Whisperer

Yesterday I once again put a little of my dragonfly knowledge to the test…they will usually land on the highest stems. I gently nudged the fellow/gal off of the garden carrier and sure enough when the dragonfly found rest again it was on my index finger. Drat! Why wasn’t my camera in my pocket when I needed it? I jostled the dragonfly off, ran in the house to get my camera, disturbed his rest on the carrier again and “O Happy Day” he once more chose to land on my index finger. I was able to get a pretty good photograph.


Here are some interesting dragonfly sites to check out:

Ten Fascinating Facts About Dragonflies

The Dragonfly Woman

4 thoughts on “Pleasures – The Dragonfly Whisperer Returns

  1. How pretty! I think dragonflies are so beautiful. My husband and I saw some gorgeous dragonflies with neon green bodies and black wings in a wetlands area a few weeks ago. I keep meaning to look them up. Thanks for the reminder! 🙂


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