Plant – Coriander/Cilantro


I am growing coriander, also known as cilantro, in my herb garden this year. Coriander leaves can be used in the place of parsley, in fact, one of the names for this plant is Chinese parsley. I would love to include a beautiful photograph of the plant, but alas, it has already bolted to seed. No worries though, the seed is also a valuable aid to cooking. The seeds are crushed when used in cooking and give a light lemony flavor to the food they season. The seeds lose their flavor when ground, so store them whole until ready to use. They can be roasted to enhance their taste. It is also possible to grow coriander on a windowsill.


I’m drying my coriander seeds, along with some radish seed pods, for a few days before I store them. I want to make sure they are completely dry to ensure they do not develop any sort of spoilage.

More information on coriander/cilantro can be found here:

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