Place – Jamaica/Treasure Beach


The South Coast of Jamaica is much dryer than the north. Treasure Beach is a beautiful destination, but you must drive close to two and a half hours from the Montego Airport. There are two ways to go, over the mountains, or along the coast. After experiencing both ways I would definitely recommend the coastal trip. I felt like I was on a runaway rollercoaster pretty much the whole trip over the mountains.


The waves are very large and rough in Treasure Beach. This is not a place for inexperienced swimmers. You can count four rip tides in the picture above. The water is beautiful though, and incredibly warm. If you love to collect seashells and other beach drift, you will be thrilled. I can’t tell you how many sea urchins we found, most we left on the beach…we also found a few sand dollars.




One of my favorite aspects of Treasure Beach were the neighborhood dogs. Jamaican dogs have a unique look, as do the cats. Their fur is very short, and their ears very large. I loved one little fellow I named Bob; he was so friendly and sweet. I wanted to bring him home with me, but even if I could, how could you take a creature out of paradise? I loved watching Bob enjoy his surroundings.


2 thoughts on “Place – Jamaica/Treasure Beach

  1. Christine Dufault

    We went to Jamaica last year for our 20th anniversary! You should do the River Walk it is so awesome! Let me know if you want more info!


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