3 thoughts on “Quote – Dietrich Bonhoeffer

  1. S. Corrine Davis

    Kathy…..I have written this down…..stared at it……pondered it……and it scares me. You know why? I want to be liked. If I speak up, telling someone how I feel and why I feel that way…..it warrants a response. If the response is negative, then I have opened the door to my demise. I wonder…..how many need my opposition to evil to be said outloud? Why is it necessary to open myself to criticism? Is it necessary to prove to others where I stand? Dear Lord…..show me how to be strong for you? Show me how to be a warrior….Show me how to stand and look evil in the face…..and defy the pleadings of my inner being to be quiet. Help me believe that when and if the time comes……I will have Your strength to do so. Amen.


    1. AC, Sometimes I don’t even like the quotes I write down because I wonder if I can take the advice or direction in them! I think I can relate quite a bit to where you are coming from over this quote. I quoted it today in the blog because it is at least pointing toward the way evil seems to be occupying the globe right now. I would much rather be quiet too. I guess this is a small attempt of mine to say something and do something. I almost included a little paragraph about prayer, because I think that is the starting point for every Christ-like reaction, but I also sometimes wonder if there are going to come times in my life when I might not have even a moment to pray before I must react. I better pray now to be ready at all times. Thanks for the great comment. Kathy


    2. Something else that always holds me back too…what is the real truth? It’s getting so I don’t believe half of what I hear through media of any kind. I feel we are all constantly manipulated by television and written journalism nowadays.


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