Prose & Phavorite – Chickens in the Road


I am in the process of reading Suzanne McMinn’s outstanding book, “Chickens in the Road.” I am in a happy “rut” of searching out and devouring books that tell the story of leaving a familiar routine for a new life of homesteading. After finishing Kristin Kimball’s, “The Dirty Life” and reading her blog, I have been on a quest to read as many back to basics and farming books as possible. Perhaps I am living vicariously through these ladies. All I know is that I enjoy the interesting, fun and sometimes amazing stories they have lived.

I found several terrific links to more of Suzanne’s ideas and stories:

Chickens in the Road, Facebook Page

Chickens in the Road Blog

Here’s a Youtube video narrated by Suzanne. Enjoy!

11 thoughts on “Prose & Phavorite – Chickens in the Road

        1. Which one of these terrific books…Dirty or Chicken? I have finished “The Dirty Life.” I loved it. I knew right from the get-go I was going to love “Chickens in the Road.” I am still reading…did you visit the blogs at all. Both books have a companion blog. Bliss!


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