10 thoughts on “Phun – Swings

    1. I don’t know about that Susie, but I do look better when I smile…I’m aging, but I am glad God gave me a long enough life to age. Some of my friends died young…and I appreciate the years I have been given.

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  1. JaneM

    You know what I miss? Jacks and playing hopscotch. I think jacks are great for keeping your manual dexterity and speed. My mother had painted a court on the back end of our driveway when we lived in Salt Lake City and I spent many happy hours playing different versions on it. I had a few round rubber discs the size of a coaster called a hoppy taw (I think it’s a Utah thing) specifically used for hopscotch:


    1. Hi Jane, I miss jacks too! I spent hours playing with a friend in my summer of seventh grade. I never played hopscotch too much, but I LOVED jumping rope and also tether ball. I don’t know if I see too many children jumping rope anymore. I used to love to play Double Dutch. Thanks for jogging my memory. 🙂


      1. JaneM

        My mother and I moved to NYC after SLC and I learned how to jump Double Dutch when I attended PS 165 (6th grade). It was a big deal on our small playground at recess. I also learned how to play handball (I am guessing that is more of an East Coast game) playing against the long stretch of a windowless building across the street from my apartment.


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