10 thoughts on “Purpose – The Flag

        1. I like all the history surrounding the city. I’ve gotten lost in it a few times though…especially on the return trip from the Art Museum. Because of the one way streets, you can’t return anywhere the way you went. Confusing!

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          1. If you walk through the city, ( as I did for want of funds), and you see the statue of William Penn in the distance and aim for it you will reach the centre of the city anytime. Thats how I did it. I never got lost because I was walking and people always guided me when I was confused.

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            1. That’s good advice. Susie. I will remember that when I am in the car and driving. I usually do something a little bit the same and just keep heading toward where I think the river is…that way I know I will get to a bridge back to NJ at some point.

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            2. OK, I wish I could come to Philadelphia again. I have to wait till I am due for my Conference allowance and then I ask for a trip to the US , and cross my fingers hoping they approve( without the usual yarn about budget cuts and so on) to make a trip to the US.:)
              But I am grateful for small mercies though they are gigantic for me, considering my finances.



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