Problem-Solving – Cleaning Ugg Boots

I often will re-blog a timely post…this is one for the ladies…cleaning salt stains from Ugg Boots. This technique will also work on other suede items.


My Uggs Boots were stained by salt last year. I don’t know why I waited a whole year to clean them off, I suppose it is the classic, out of sight, out of mind syndrome. Thankfully, I do know a good way of cleaning them by applying shaving cream and rubbing with a soft cloth. Below you can see my progress. As I write, the boot I treated is sitting beside a heater vent drying. If there is any residue still left I will repeat the steps.


Dampen the entire boot so there is no line of demarcation when they dry. Apply the shaving cream and gently rub the soiled area with a soft cleaning cloth. Spread the shaving cream lightly around the entire boot with the cloth. No need for a heavy coat, just a light touch of the shaving cream will keep the color and texture of the boot uniform.


The boot on the right was previously treated. You can see the slightest bit of salt stain around arch of the boot, but all in all, unless someone was looking for the problem area, I don’t think it is very noticeable. Give this money saving tip a try. It certainly beats spending near $15.00 to have your boots professionally cleaned.

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14 thoughts on “Problem-Solving – Cleaning Ugg Boots

  1. for those suade shoes & boots that have lost their cosmetic look, A brass wire brush(found at most hardware stores & the size of a LARGE toothbrush) used lightly on the suede, will sometimes bring back the nap. I say ‘sometimes’ because it depends on how long it has been in the less than perfect condition.


      1. I just want you to know that I hate “fair weather friends”… & have no intentions, nor desires, to be one.

        When I make friends with someone, male or female, I’m there for life, for the long haul, as long as they’ll have me as a friend, I’m there.

        A wise man once told mesomething that I will never forget:

        “just as the flowers know not what becomes of their fragrance, neither do we know what becomes of our influence.”

        I have learned so much about myself because of you…
        through your blogs & general conversations…

        I believe that because of your Christian beliefs, you have guided me back to GOD….
        You are forever posting little sayings about GOD, & somewhere in there, you type in a verse or 3 from thr Holy Bible….these little sayings, & Bible verse posts, me so much to me….
        I love the things you do on here…
        All I know to say is “thank you”, but the problem with that is “thank you” just does not seem good enough to show how much I appreciate our friendship or the things you post.

        Lastly, I believe your hubby is a very blessed & lucky man to have a Lady such as you for his wife….
        May GOD bless you both always..


          1. I was once told that it is better to speak to those closest to you your feelings while they are here, for when they are gone, they will not be around to tell them how precious they were to you….

            I just call it as I see it…al fact no fiction.

            May GOD bless you & keep you close always. ๐Ÿ™‚


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