Projects – Hoop House


In hopes of extending the growing season, my husband and I constructed an easy to build hoop house. I have a raised border around my Square Foot Garden and this made anchoring the hoop house down fairly easy. Any sized hoop house can be built atop a raised bed. I am not including any written directions; we didn’t have any to follow, but I am including a list of the materials we used, and a step-by-step photo diary of the construction.

We built the hoop house with ease in lifting a priority; the top will open up and lay on its side much like a door opening. This solves the problem of creating an opening in the side of the hoop house and also give me easy access for planting, maintaining and harvesting. I’m hoping to grow salad greens through the colder months of the year.


Our hoop house covers a 4 x 6 garden plot. Happy Hooping!

7 Lengths 1/2″ PVC Pipe
4 PVC elbows (size to fit pipe lengths)
10 PVC tees (size to fit pipe lengths)
3 conduit hangers (I think we might end up using more of these around bottom edge)
10′ x 20′ roll of 3 or 4 mil. plastic sheeting
Roll of packaging tape










5 thoughts on “Projects – Hoop House

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  2. Love this. Here in Nepal, my husband did something similar with bamboo and plastic. (Hard to find the plastic pipe.) We are trying to grow tomatoes as the season gets colder. Not sure if they will get the chance to turn red?


    1. Good luck…tomatoes are so delicious. I wish I could grow them under the hoop house, but I will lucky if I can keep the arugula going through the winter. It was already in the 20’s last night…too cold for November in New Jersey. Blessings. 🙂

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    1. I’m not sure. I used it mainly for the summer. I know here, in greenhouses, to defeat the heat they cover them, so perhaps it would work the same. They also have fans to circulate the air and keep it from overheating.

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