People & Perspective – Johnny Cash & Ingenuity

Ingenuity – the quality of being clever, original, and inventive.

I was searching for songs to fill the “Song of the Day” category on my sidebar, and in my pursuit of the perfect melodies and lyrics came upon one of my all-time favorite singers, Johnny Cash. I love his music. Johnny Cash is one of, if not the most, distinctive voices of my lifetime. I had never heard the bit of “history” he shared in this video concerning the song, “I Walk the Line.” I had to share it in this blog post.

“History lesson young folks, 1955, we started out with just the two musicians, a bass and guitar…I liked the sound of a snare drum, so…I didn’t have a snare drum, so I put the paper in the strings and got my own.” ~ Johnny Cash

It’s a good reminder to me to do whatever it takes to reach my dreams, even if that means using a piece of paper as a snare drum.

3 thoughts on “People & Perspective – Johnny Cash & Ingenuity

    1. Also, there is a sensational movie based on his life and the life of his wonderful wife June Carter Cash. It is called, “Walk the Line.” It stars Resse Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix. They are both wonderful in the movie. If you have a chance watch it.


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