Pleasures – Meyer Lemons Part II

I am planning on growing a Meyer Lemon Tree from the seed. I will place the seeds in a pot with organic potting soil, enclose the pot in plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect, and watch for sprouting. I have read that Meyer Lemon blossoms have a sensational fragrance, and they also will produce lemons while growing in a pot. I MUST give it a try! It sounds like a project my grandsons would enjoy too.

Here are a few photographs I found at Flickr that illustrate the results you can get from growing Meyer Lemon seeds.

Meyer Lemon Baby
Baby Meyer Lemons – Photograph Courtesy of Jenny Levine @ Flickr

Meyer Lemon flower
Meyer Lemon Blossom – Photograph courtesy of 200,000 views @ Flickr

meyer lemon tree in pot
Lemon Tree in Pot – Photograph courtesy of Lauren @ Flickr

7 thoughts on “Pleasures – Meyer Lemons Part II

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  2. Q:
    just how big of a pot would I need for this tree?

    Can the fruit be eaten? or is it just ornamental?

    This sounds like something I would like to try as well…

    especially seeing how crazy it would make my wife….she does NOT have a green thumb or any desire to get one. lol :p

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    1. Hi James, the pot the finished tree is in looks to be about a 10 – 12 inch pot. I will start the seeds in something small and move the size up as it grows. I’m not sure where, but I read this variety of lemon will bear fruit indoors. Not sure if you need to hand pollinate or not. I will have to keep adjusting my knowledge of it as it grows. With all these big plans, let’s hope the seeds sprout for me. 😀 I think the fruit can be eaten. Good luck to both of us!


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