Pleasures & Pots and Pans – Meyer Lemons


Finally, after years of reading and hearing about the superiority of Meyer Lemons, I finally spotted a display of the elusive citrus fruit in my local supermarket. Perhaps they have been there before, and I passed right by them, thinking the yellowy-orange fruit were unripe tangerines, but this time the sign over them caught my eye. I snapped up three of the beauties even though they were steeply priced at 1.00 each.

What did I do with them? Well first, being me, I created still life compositions for photographing all over my house.

Lovebirds lemon.jpg

The next thing I did was search out a good recipe to use them in. I found the winner at Tutti Dolci All Sweets Blog: Meyer Lemon Cloud Cookies. I followed the directions as written. The cookies were easy to mix up and bake, and delicious as a lemony cloud…really! The one thing I would change would be to double the recipe. Why make only twenty cookies when forty cookies would be just as easy and almost as quick?

The cookies would most likely be scrumptious using a regular lemon too. Happy Baking!

4 thoughts on “Pleasures & Pots and Pans – Meyer Lemons

    1. Sweeter…juicier maybe…I liked them. Will answer more comments tomorrow. Had an ill day…whenever I eat out at restaurants I run the risk of stomach upset. We went to an Easter buffet, and my son also said his stomach was a little off today.

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