14 thoughts on “Photograph – Camellia

          1. yes, – and thanks! sorry I missed this reply earlier – 🙂
            and I hope you are too – and just prayed for you – that if you lost any precious sleep that it would be restored to you and then some ❤ ❤


            1. Managed to get some sleep for a few hours before getting up at 6:15…I usually am up around 5:00. I feel okay, but know at some point I will feel the crash and burn of exhaustion. Sometimes night hours are a gift though…last night, not so bad at all.

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    1. I enjoy searching out songs for the sidebar. Artists are wise if they allow their work to be represented on Youtube. I have purchased three separate cd’s in about as many months through Amazon by finding a new artist while browsing for videos to embed.

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      1. I agree – good exposure – and I also think that as Christian artists they should be more mindful of blessing others – nothing wrong with earnings – but should be a generous heart with it –
        and well, I really enjoyed th edible verses on your blog too – thx


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