Produce – Savoy Cabbage


My newest venture into the world of untried produce is Savoy Cabbage. I’ve seen this vegetable many times, but choose instead the well-known and less expensive generic cabbages. I realize I have probably unknowingly sampled Savoy cabbage in a restaurant or company dinner out, but I have not purchased or cooked one.

The cabbage itself is much prettier than its plainer cousin; the leaves are frilly and a beautiful lime green. I decided boiling or sauteing alone was out of the question and searched the Internet for an alternative. I didn’t find anything outstanding so I added a hodgepodge of items from fridge and pantry and came up with my own version of a Dijon sauerkraut. I didn’t measure or write down a recipe, but these are some of the items I added: half a can of beer, Dijon mustard, a dash or two of Worcestershire sauce, some sea salt, freshly ground pepper and herbs. I cooked everything in a saucepan until the cabbage was softened and the liquid condensed.


The finished sauerkraut dish wasn’t very pretty; the presentation on par with the canned or bagged sauerkraut I often have on hand, but the taste was much more yummy. The Dijon mustard added substance and the beer gave the dish a surprising tang. Best of all, the homemade sauerkraut was delicious cold. I also appreciated the bigger pieces of cabbage compared to the stringy strands I find in a can.

The big question: Will I buy Savoy Cabbage again? Absolutely. I loved it.

“Like the rest of the cabbage family, savoy cabbage has high nutritional value. It is very low in calories, and contains no fat or cholesterol. It is a good source of dietary fiber, and protein. It is also rich in many vitamins and minerals, such as: Thiamine (B-1), folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B6, magnesium, potassium, manganese, calcium, copper, phosphorous, and copper. They are also an excellent source of both Vitamins K and C. Each of the different types of cabbage have high nutritional value, as well as tremendous antioxidant and disease combating properties. These properties make cabbage one of the worlds healthiest foods.” ~

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    1. It was easy, but it did take awhile to cook down. It also had a nicer smell than just cabbage boiled in water. Yes, a webpage…doesn’t everything have a webpage nowadays. Thanks for stopping by and the comment. 🙂


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