Plants – Garden Updates


My houseplants are showing signs of shedding their winter slump. It’s time to top them up with an inch or two of new potting soil or repot them into a bigger pot. I’ve been adding a little time release fertilizer as I make my rounds watering this week. I’m also trimming dead leaves and leggy branching.


The only place available to store my fuschia over the winter was a basement window well. The fuschia ia alive, but the growth it has put out is spindly and weak. I am going to cut away these thin branches and keep a few to root in potting soil. In eight weeks time, if they develop a root system, they will be able to be planted into outdoor garden pots.


The coleus sprouts are beginning to show colors. I’m going to separate them and plant into small pots within the next week.


I did right in cutting my vining morning glories back. The vines have sent out double and triple the shoots. Hooray! I can just imagine the lush blue flowers opening up around my windows.

I’m still winter-sowing half-hardy annuals. In Mid-march I will begin sowing some of the vegetable seeds (tomatoes, eggplant, etc.) that need more warmth. As always, I wish you Happy Gardening!

PS: Did I remember to tell you that my hoop house blew right off its moorings in the terrible winter storms we’ve had? Oh well…nothing lost but a bit of plastic. We saved the pvc pipe and will use it for another project.

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