People & Place – Mark Hirsch and “That Tree,” An Update

In January of 2014 I wrote a post on Mark Hirsch and “That Tree.” Imagine my delight and surprise yesterday when the subject of my post, Mark Hirsch, commented on the post. He gave me a few updates about his project.

“I am tickled that your sister shared my project with you. Thank you for sharing it on your blog. My book That Tree was published in October of 2013 and can be found at independent book sellers throughout the midwest. It is also available through my website at “THAT TREE” Shop.
I am still finding time to document and experience life in and around my magical bur oak tree. You can see and follow my ongoing posts at That Tree on Facebook.

Here is the original post and video:

My sister recently sent me a terrific link. I had mentioned to her that I was photographing a pathway into a nearby woods once a week. *** I thought it would be fun to post it in a blog page (The link to “The Path” can be found in the top left sidebar of this blog) I love the link she sent me in return of “That Tree,” the oak that Mark Hirsch photographed with a smart phone for 365 days in 2012.

*** I photographed my “pathway” for several weeks, and then due to a vacation and bad weather let the project end. This has re-inspired me, perhaps in April, when this terrible winter weather clears up a bit, I can once again find a path or special spot to photograph weekly. Why don’t you give it a try too?

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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