Preparedness & Pheathers – Self-Reliance and Feeding the Birds

Country Wisdom & Know-How
Country Wisdom & Know-How

Every household needs to have a book on how to live off the land, either by choice, or in an emergency situation. Country Wisdom & Know-How is just such a guidebook. There are many other fine publications that also give terrific tips, numerous how-to blogs, and other resources easily available through a search on any search engine.

Country Wisdom & Know-How is an oversized, no-frills guide on ANIMALS of all kinds through HEALTH AND WELL-BEING and the HOME. In between these headings are: Cooking, Crafts and Gardening, with dozens of sub-topics in each one.


On page ten, under the topic of “Seasonal Feeding of Birds,” a tip is given on how to build up calcium in songbirds for better reproduction capability in the Spring. Starting right about now add some crushed eggshells to your birdseed to provide additional calcium. This little boost for your “pheathered” friends is very easy to do. Save your broken eggshells, wash in hot water, let dry, grind up in a food processor or shatter in a plastic bag with a rolling pin. Mix these small pieces of eggshell into your birdseed and feed regularly through the Springtime months.



I love the songbirds that fill my yard with music throughout the year. Not only do they sing me a symphony, they also keep the bug situation in check. Going to a bit of trouble to provide them a little extra calcium is my pleasure. Happy Bird-watching!

14 thoughts on “Preparedness & Pheathers – Self-Reliance and Feeding the Birds

  1. This book is, for lack of a better description, THE holy bible to living off the land/what to do n an emergency situation/survival situation/etc./etc./etc.

    I have yet to find a more complete source of information on this subject, short of the local library…and even some of the libraries do not have as much information as this book covers.

    An excellent, very educational book to have. an excellent read.

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    1. James, you are so right! I could go page by page through this book and find something on every page to put into practice. My next project is to create crystalline for the birds. I had never heard of it until I read through the bird section of this fine book. Watch for a post about it in the next few days.


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