Phlowers & Pholklore – Daffodils II

“The daffodil is a symbol of rebirth – a sign of the new beginnings that come with spring. Daffodils are often found connected with Easter and Easter religious services because of their new birth significance. In Wales finding the first daffodil of spring is expected to bring more gold than silver to your life and home during the following 12 months. The word “Daffodil” didn’t come into the English language until the 1500s. The old name for daffodil was “Affodyle,” believed to originate with the Old English “Affo dyle,” meaning “that which cometh early.” It ultimately derived from Dutch de affodil meaning “the asphodel”(of Greek mythology).”

Longwood Daffodils
Longwood Gardens Conservatory Daffodils

Daffodils are considered by many to be the best Spring bulb. Tulips are gorgeous too, but do not have the reliability of the daffodil. The sad truth is tulips eventually decline in their blooming ability. Most of us take daffodils for granted. Their abundance, created by the ability to quickly reproduce and create naturalized fields of flowers, cause many to consider them common.

This year, I almost lost a large clump of my daffodils through neglect. Accidentally uprooted when I transplanted favorite flowers to overwinter in the house, they were left exposed on the ground for months. When the ground became too frozen to replant the bulbs, I brought them into the garage.

Forgotten daffodil bulbs
Forgotten daffodil bulbs

My good intentions were soon forgotten, and the daffodil bulbs languished in an old sweet potato box for several weeks. A few days ago, I noticed them, and was overjoyed they had begun to sprout. The garage stayed cold enough through this brutal winter to give them the “chilling” time they needed. I soon had them planted in some potting soil in a terracotta pot.

Potted Daffodils
Potted Daffodils

The terracotta pot fit perfectly inside a beautiful urn, I eagerly await the blooms. Wishing you a daffodilly of a day! 😀


8 thoughts on “Phlowers & Pholklore – Daffodils II

  1. Can Daffodils be grown from seeds or it is just bulbs ? I live in a very hot climate and would like to try to grow them at least in winter – would it work – would Arizona be able to handle daffodils ?

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    1. They might be able to be grown from seeds, but it might take “forever” for blooms to develop. Bulbs would probably work better for you. You also could force them. A hot climate would never give them the period of cold they need to bloom. To force bulbs, plant several bulbs in a pot of dirt, let the tops be just under the surface of the soil…plant pointy end facing upwards, water, cover and refrigerate for at the least 12 weeks. Take them out, put in a sunny window, keep watered and you will have daffodils. Good luck!

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