Prose & People – A Woman’s Prayers to God

My Letters to God by S. Corrine Davis
My Letters to God by S. Corrine Davis

“My letters to God came about by my need to communicate with him on a regular basis. I need—as a Christian, a wife, and a mother notwithstanding—to pray every day.”

This beautiful book is filled with words from the author’s heart to God. Corrine Davis is a Pastor’s Wife, a mother of five, a grandmother, a wonderful cook, an amazing seamstress, a pianist; she can take anything old and make it look new again. She is an inspiration to many, and I am proud to call her my Aunt.

Here are a few quotes from, “My Letters to God.”

“Lord, I see that so many are struggling with the ‘daily stuff’ of life. And, it’s really so true for everyone. That little stuff—the nitty, gritty junk we all deal with—is sometimes what can make us or break us. All the time we are looking at the ‘big’ stuff that threatens to hit us and take us out, when in reality, I find that the junk drawer that refuses to shut is often what can wreck my relationship with you.”

“My desire is to be like Jesus. To do this, I will reevaluate my goals, my dreams, my hopes, therein finding the sweet will of God. Hold me close, Lord. Please don’t let me slip out of your grip.”

You can find “My Letters to God” from these sources:

My Letters to God by S. Corrine Davis
“My Letters to God – Kindle Edition

You can read more of S. Corrine Davis’s Prayers to God at: My Letters to God Blogspot

2 thoughts on “Prose & People – A Woman’s Prayers to God

  1. Thank you Kathy (Timeless Lady) for featuring my book on your blog site. I am still overwhelmed at the reality of this and feel blessed that this is a tool God can use to inspire folks to pray… any time….about any thing… their own words. If I couldn’t talk to the Lord, I would burst I need that outlet. I need someone to listen to me that actually cares and can understand what my heart is trying to say. scd


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