Photograph – Shadowland Selfie

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Wall.”


I love shadows on the walls. This week I wandered into an upstairs room and found my geraniums, backlit, and casting amazing shadows on the wall. Of course I had to enter into the Shadowland.



Adieu for today my friends!


23 thoughts on “Photograph – Shadowland Selfie

    1. Thanks…some things are just a gift…took the picture before the challenge was posted on the Daily Post. Looked through all kinds of archives and folders looking for the perfect photo, and I had just taken one and forgot about it that quick.

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  1. Mary Bigger

    It’s pouring here in Shelton. I’ be happy to have enough sun to create a shadow! I just moved my hardy scented geraniums to the glass covered entry.Hope I’m not being too optimistic but they were taking over the greenhouse entry.

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    1. It’s raining here today too…just about to stop though…the coming week will be pretty nice…Hooray. My scented geranium has become so overgrown and spindly it is drooping over the sides of the pot. I was going to cut it back, and then realized, it had become a perfect plant for a hanging basket all on it own…hey…sounds like a blog post idea, doesn’t it? I hope all is well…blessings Mary to you and your family.


  2. JaneM

    Your excellent shadowland selfies immediately brought to mind the wonderful and charming silhouette animations (mostly fairy tales) of the very talented Lotte Reiniger which I watched and loved on Saturday “cartoon” mornings many years ago. The youtube video linked below is a version of Hansel and Gretel.

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