Perspective, Plants & Quick Tip – Delightful Dilemma/Geraniums


I have a delightful dilemma for this coming gardening year. Do I keep my geraniums indoors or let them have a grand vacation outdoors? This would not be a question in past years. Previously, I have stored my geraniums in the winter with bare roots boxed and in a cool place. They often live in this dormant state, but they don’t thrive as they have done this year.


In the summer of 2014 I grew all my geraniums in pots and decided against pulling them out of the soil for storing. I saved the plants by growing them over the winter in my sunniest window.


One of the geraniums has reached amazing heights, and I don’t want to cut it back, but I know if placed outdoors the summer winds and storms will certainly knock it over. And there you have my delightful dilemma, do I take all of the plants outdoors, or do I keep the best ones inside and maintain their pristine condition? Hmmmmm….maybe I will split them up and take note of the results for next year. Updates will follow.

Quick Tip: When your geraniums bloom indoors they will eventually lose all their flower petals. Be very careful not to vacuum these with the vacuum flush to the floor. The geraniums will stain your carpet and the color is hard to remove. I know this from experience of course! 😦 Walking on one accidentally will have the same effect.

Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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