Project – Flower Pounding/Geranium Notecard

Over the years I have often used vibrant flowers and leaves for flower pounding. Flower Pounding is the art of transferring the color of flowers and foliage by pounding with a hammer or other heavy object. How to Pound Flowers

geranium 1

Yesterday in my post I included a quick tip about the staining power of geranium petals. This fact reminded me of flower pounding, and it seemed the perfect opportunity to make use of the brilliant flowers and “pound” some blossoms.

Now pounding with a hammer is fine if you are using fabric. When my grandsons and I pounded flowers onto paper with a hammer, dents and dings from the blows marred the surface. I decided to try a gentler approach this time, and using steady pressure, rolled the flowers onto the paper with a small rolling pin. (The larger variety will work fine too)

geranium 3

I found using a rolling pin was a much better choice for transferring the flower color to paper.
(Warning: Please don’t use a rolling pin you use in cooking and baking. If you don’t have an extra for crafting, use a brayer, a glass, anything round that can be rolled over a surface. Some plants are poisonous and using a rolling pin that is used in food preparation could allow toxins to contaminate the wood.)


1. Place flowers in chosen design on paper face down, add foliage if desired, white or pastel paper works best.
2. Cover flowers with a thin piece of paper, taking care not to move flowers.
3. Applying steady pressure, roll the pin over the flowers, up and down, several times. Don’t be surprised if you see color bleeding through the top sheet.
4. Separate sheets of paper. Bits of flower will cling to both sides. Pick away what you can without marring the pattern. Allow anything stuck fast to dry, and then try to gently remove with a small soft brush.
(Sometimes bits of flowers or foliage will be stuck like glue, no worries, it adds a bit of texture and interest to the card)

geranium 2

I substituted asparagus fern for the geranium leaves.

Geranium 4

I added a few lines with a gold-tipped pen and threaded a wire-edged ribbon through the top.

geranium 5

“Voila'” A unique and inexpensive tag for a gift bag.

10 thoughts on “Project – Flower Pounding/Geranium Notecard

  1. ooooo I love this! I use to do a handmade paper unit with my students and we’d add all sorts of organic as well as confettis, etc material to the pulp—teas, seeds, etc—we had a book press for the sheets we’d add things to, otherwise a rolling printing press—I love the roller for home. . .
    Here’s to pretty paper 🙂

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    1. The rolling pin works very well. I applied a lot of pressure while I rolled. In fact, it rolled so well, a few of the geranium buds I used exploded in a fireworks of color and ran over the edges of the card. For this small project I had to stop using the buds, but for something larger they might create a really interesting effect. Thanks for the comment. 😀


  2. Mary Bigger

    This looks like fun. I found a marble rolling pin at a garage sale. I’m thinking it would help with the amount of pressure needed. Wouldn’t a scattering of geranium petals pressed on a card insert be pretty!

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