Projects & Planting – Yard Sale Makeovers


I love going to yard sales in search of bargains and one-of-a-kind items. Last year, I bought a wiry bird feeder for a dollar. I had every intention of using it for the birds when I spotted it, but on arriving home, found a piece was missing. What to do? Toss it and declare the purchase a loss, or shelve it, and let ideas percolate. Well, near a year later, I put a plastic pot inside the wire, planted a few spider plantlets I rooted over the winter, and “Wow!” I love my new planter hanging in the pine.


Another example is this decorative bird house I found a few years ago for just a quarter. It sat on my front steps for two years, but during the winter lost most of its roof. Ragged, but still sturdy, I decided to update the bird house with some Johnny-Jump-Ups. I LOVE IT! It sits in a bed of  ivy under the pine tree. Better yet, I can snip off a flower now and then for pressing. Think “makeover” before you toss out the accumulating junk we all seem to collect.  Look around your garage, basement and attic for “trashy” items you can update for the garden. Fun!

4 thoughts on “Projects & Planting – Yard Sale Makeovers

  1. Love the photos you’ve shared, and how you integrated broken items into your outdoor decorating. One of my favorite things on my back patio is an old verdi gras wire bird cage that I found at a yard sale years ago. I love the curved shape, and that it is made with aged wire and weathered bits of curved wood. About a year after finding the birdcage, one of my favorite wind chimes got broken in a windstorm. I gathered up all the pieces of the metallic butterflies from the broken wind chime, and used fishing wire to dangle all the individual pieces from the top of the bird cage at varying heights, and it has been hanging on my patio ever since. Love it, and people seem to always comment on it when they visit. The metallic butterflies capture the sun and sparkle and shimmer, as they dangle inside the bird cage, moving with the wind. Love it!

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