Planting – Creating a Beautiful Nook and Cranny


I am in the process of moving my houseplants outdoors to yard, patio and screened-in porch for the summertime. One of my favorite “vacation” locations for a plant is within the crabapple where the tree trunk branches off into three separate limbs. The split forms a delightful little nook and cranny, a perfect spot to set a potted plant.


To help the plant stand level I placed a rock from my flower bed border within the tree limbs. Voila`… A perfect shelf.

10 thoughts on “Planting – Creating a Beautiful Nook and Cranny

  1. How many pots are you moving ? It must be such good physical exercise. And can you work the whole day or is it just the mornings and evenings when the sun is not shining too brightly ?
    I am amazed that you are able to keep plants alive through the winter and then through the summer and again through a harsh winter.

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    1. I move a lot of pots Susie, it is good exercise, but can also create a bit of wear and tear on the body. The plants get a little bedraggled looking during the winter, but perk right up in the summer outdoor air. Right now, I am starved for sunshine and warmth, so it is in the 80’s and I am able to work outside all day. I don’t feel the heat too much unless I have to cook or sleep in it. Otherwise, I like it to be hot.

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      1. Oh thank you for replying and glad you are enjoying the Vitamin D.
        I have plants on my terrace which are not doing too well, now that summer has set in almost fully.
        I hate to go up to the terrace except in the morning or the evenings.
        I like it to me mild all year through.

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    1. I love it too Marilyn…it’s pretty…and unexpected. On the other side of the trunk I have a small brass mirror at eye-level for the younger grandchildren. It’s a little piece of unexpected pleasure too. Thanks for dropping by! I’ll be dropping by your blog in an hour or two. I’ve been doing so much in the yard, it’s a miracle I have even posted. Most of the planting is complete now, that will free up a bit more time for browsing the posts of friends. 🙂

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