Pleasures – Tadpoles


If you look closely, you may be able to discern a few large tadpoles nestled in the strands of my pond plant. I’ve always found tadpoles to be interesting, and every year we try to find a few to put into our pond. They are available at local garden centers too. These whoppers will turn into frogs in a month or two. I love to go outdoors on a hot summer afternoon and find them basking in the sun on a piece of water lettuce.

In wet summers you will often small tadpoles in large puddles. I enjoy saving these and nurturing them to their final stage. These tadpoles are not frogs, instead they will develop into Tiny Toads. This is a great project to do with children. Here are a few links that give good information on how to raise small tadpoles to toads.

Tiny Tadpoles Part I
Tiny Tadpoles Part II
Tiny Tadpoles Part III
Tiny Tadpoles Part IV

16 thoughts on “Pleasures – Tadpoles

  1. Why do you keep tadpoles ? Is it for the environment ? Do they keep flies down ?
    Also will snakes not come, following frogs ? Just curious !
    I love your pond- do you have water lilies too ?
    Do you grow a plant called water cress ? Read that this used in England as a filling inside sandwiches.

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    1. Hi Susie, I keep the tadpoles because I love the way they turn into frogs. It is so interesting to watch the legs, arms develop and then the tail disappear as they change. The small tadpoles change into small toads. Both of these amphibians are terrific bug catchers. They really help keep mosquitoes other bugs away in the garden. I don’t have water lilies or water cress. Thanks for stopping by today. 🙂

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      1. Then do you have a blog on cooking, baking and recipes ? I would love to read that.
        Also looking forward to photos of the whole of your garden, including the pond.
        Do you keep garden gnomes ?


        1. I have a tiny little gnome/elf that belonged to my grandmother…other than that I don’t have any, but the grandboys build houses for the fairies when it gets warm. I sometimes post recipes, but since most of them are recipes that were created by someone else, I always try to give a link back to their blog. I’m good at cooking, but I always follow recipes…sometimes adapting them to my taste though.

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          1. Would enjoy reading about your cooking habits, tips, what you tried newly that week or day and many such. As you can guess, I am a foodie- though I need to restrict myself, in view of my obesity.

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            1. I’ll try to include more posts about foods Susie. Right now I am in the garden so much…that is why the latest posts are almost all about the garden. Soon it will be growing by leaps and bounds and will not need so much careful nurturing. 😀

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  2. Wow – this was a post that garnered some instantaneous nostalgia. As children, we would find tadpoles at the edge of the creek that ran behind our property. I hadn’t thought about those tadpole-watching days in years. Great photo capture. 🙂

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    1. I lived near a woods and a creek for several years as a child too…I fell in constantly…even in winter. We were always trying to construct bridges. Didn’t matter the creek was narrow enough in spots to jump…we had some inner compulsion to build bridges. Funny! I’m wondering if that is why I always dream about bridges…I thought it was probably because I feel I never get to where I am supposed to be going in life. 🙂

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      1. My cousin and I took my little niece for a walk up the creek… at Christmas time…She was in a velvet dress… she trys to walk on some thin ice and would have just got her shoes wet…except she sits down… and when we got her home…we were in big trouble…

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