Prompt – Childhood Revisited and Skywatch Friday

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Childhood Revisited.”
“Sure, you turned out pretty good, but is there anything you wish had been different about your childhood? If you have kids, is there anything you wish were different for them?”

Sky through table, cup, chandelier and crabapple tree.
Sky through table, cup, chandelier and crabapple tree.

I took this photo today, early morning, from the vantage point of lying flat on the ground beneath the table. The photo could be a self-portrait of who I am: I am quite willing to lay on the ground to capture the perfect photograph. I drink four cups of coffee every morning before nine. I love to trash-pick and bargain hunt treasures and redo them, just redid the chandelier in the photo for a second time. In this metamorphosis I sprayed it white. I love to look at the sky every day.

I’ve looked up at the sky all my life, in fact, I am one of those people who are often photographed looking up. In church I find myself studying ceilings. (I recently noticed my son does the same, could this be genetic?) I think I had an early fascination with looking up. My mother told me that when I was quite small I came in from outdoors and told her, “I said hello to God.” She answered, “What did he say back?” I told her he said, ‘Hello.’

This leads me to my response to the Childhood Revisited Prompt from WordPress. If I could do go back and change something about my childhood, I would continue to look toward the sky and say, “Hello,” to God every day. It might have kept me from some poor decisions and some bad years. I talk to God every day now…if not while looking at the sky, I greet him when I have my morning devotions.

What would I wish for my kids to do differently if they could go back and relive their childhoods. Well, I would have us all outside more, lying on the grass, studying the sky and talking to God out loud. I wonder how the world would change if everyone looked toward the heavens and said from the heart, “HELLO GOD!” Oh my! Just the thought of it gives me a HALLELUJAH” moment. What would God say back if you said hello to Him today? Why not find out?

I can’t wait to have my grandkids over again…we are going to be looking at the sky and talking to God for sure. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Prompt – Childhood Revisited and Skywatch Friday

  1. Great of you to share so honestly. I wish sometimes that life had turned out differently but i don’t know that I regret any of my decisions. I go by my heart and often don’t think things through.
    Kathy, you are a genuinely nice person and keep it that way.


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