Phairy – Enchanted/Fairy House 2015


We had a family picnic to celebrate our mother’s May birthdays on Memorial Day. The young cousins were thrilled to see each other and created a new fairy house together.


Each year the fairy house is built with natural items I’ve collected throughout the year, and also with what the grandkids and cousins can find in the yard. I love to see what they come up with…crabapples for food, a clam shell water dish, feathers for decorating.


You don’t have to be a child to build a fairy house. On your next walk through a park or woods, leave a little something behind for a “fairy” to find. Create a chair, a little bed, a dish of fairy food; it only will take a moment of your time. You never know who might need a little “enchantment” to smile over.

8 thoughts on “Phairy – Enchanted/Fairy House 2015

    1. I love the more natural look too…the children use natural things to build the fairy house. They know it should have few manmade items…if any…I think I spotted a few pieces of glass, but that was about all they used that wasn’t natural.

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  1. Shirley

    My 79 year old mother has a fairy garden. She built it in an old bird bath that leaks. I enjoy looking at it when I visit. I brings her lots of joy. You’re never too old.

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