Phlowers – Friday Flowers/Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are a favorite of mine, an old-fashioned vine with a delicately scented bloom. Sweet peas, much like pansies, will not survive the entire summer growing season. When temperatures start to sizzle, sweetpea vines will dry out and die back.

I find sweet peas tricky to germinate and grow. This year only three seeds sprouted and grew to a good size for me. The three vines are doing a great job climbing up the string I strung alongside a butterfly house.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac has some good tips on how to grow sweet peas. It’s probably too late to grow the vines for blooming this season, but keep them in mind for next year, and if you have a friend with some vines…ask them for some seeds*.

Some terrific tips from the Old Farmer’s Almanac on how to grow Sweet Peas.

Quick Tip for Pressed Flower Hobbyists – Sweet pea flowers have never pressed well for me, but the curly tendrils make a nice addition to pressed flower compositions.

* Sweet Pea seeds can be toxic.

13 thoughts on “Phlowers – Friday Flowers/Sweet Peas

    1. Hi Susie, They are beautiful and very delicate in appearance. They wave about on a slim stem in the breezes. I didn’t realize when I took the photograph that there is a small bug on one of the top petals. This was a funny surprise and made me smile. As I researched the flower for some information for the post I found that these seed can be very toxic if you eat too many of them. They are related to the regular pea, but these are not edible. Have a happy day, and thank you so much for the comment and stopping by today.

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        1. The ornamental sweet pea should not be eaten. I think the fact that edible peas are sometimes labeled as “sweet” might be what causes the mix-up. Any edible peas I grow have a much smaller flower, and the colors are not as pretty. I guess the best thing to do with everything grown for eating is to carefully read and research the botanical name which is usually listed on the seed packet.

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          1. Oh, now I get it. There is one plant called the ornamental sweet pea, which is the one, whose photo you posted and must not be eaten.
            There is another called edible sweet peas, with a smaller flower ( maybe purple or lavender) on small plants, not very tall plants, correct ?
            I see the subject of a new post, Kathy.
            Either – misnomers in plant names or comparison between ornamental sweet peas and edible peas ( with pictures, for illustration).
            I learnt so much. Thanks again, Kathy.

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