11 thoughts on “Photograph – Wordless Wednesday/Sibling Squirrels Dodging Raindrops

    1. They live in my oak tree, not mine, but they belong to the yard I guess! 🙂 Sad thing is that is the big tree that will be taken down sometime throughout this summer. I hope they are big enough by then to find a new home in a hurry.

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        1. Perhaps, or make a new one, the wood is probably a bit soft by now. It was originally a bird house with a medium hole as an entrance. The squirrels claimed it and chewed away the front and made a squirrel-sized door. They are naughty, but oh so cute. If they had never chewed away the front, I would never have had so many pleasant moments watching them in the house when it rains.

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    2. I took this photograph out the back window of my house. I have to very slowly and quietly raise the window, since the tree is very close to the house (that is one of the reasons it must come down) and then I move very slowly, aim my camera through the small space I’ve created and snap the photo. I have managed to photograph one squirrel in the house in the past, but this is the first time I have been able to photograph TWO!!! 😀

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    1. I’ve managed to take the photograph of one squirrel in the box in the past, but never managed to capture two for one. The old birdhouse is a favorite haven when the rain pours down. These two were so cute… I watched them touching noses and love the arm over the other in the photo, they were adorable. 🙂

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