Place & Pond – Longwood Gardens and Canna Plants

Longwood Gardens Cannas Plant Growing In Conservatory
Longwood Gardens Canna Plant Growing In Conservatory

On a fine June day this year, my husband and I visited Longwood Gardens.

Water lilies at Longwood Gardens
Water lilies at Longwood Gardens

We enjoyed walking around the outdoor water gardens. The water lilies grown at Longwood are spectacular.

Giant Victoria Water Lilies
Giant Victoria Water Lilies

The large platter-like water lily pads are called Giant Victoria Water Lilies. The lily pads in the photograph are only beginning their growth. By the end of the growing season they will be six feet across.

Lotus Flower and Cannas in Water Gardens
Lotus Flower and Cannas in Water Gardens

While we admired the water gardens I noticed that the pond had cannas plants growing in the water. (The cannas are in the distance, the yellow plants in the background) Up to that point I didn’t know cannas would grow in water. I immediately envisioned them in my pond, and happily, found one on sale at a local fruit stand.

My garden pond cannas blooming.
My garden pond canna blooming.

I took the canna home, weighed it down with rocks, and was delighted that all seemed well. My smile of success soon disappeared when I checked later in the day and found that the plant had overturned, fouling the water with dirt and perlite. I scooped out what I could and took the canna out of the water. I found all the dirt had floated away. I decided to give the canna a try anyway and completely filled the pot with small and medium rocks. My canna has thrived. The yellow flowers have been blooming non-stop for about two weeks now. If you have a water feature in your yard, consider planting a canna plant.


That’s me sitting on the Longwood Gardens Queen Bee Throne. Seriously, I did not plan my outfit and sunglasses to match the throne so perfectly. Funny! I must be a bee at heart…if not a queen.

12 thoughts on “Place & Pond – Longwood Gardens and Canna Plants

  1. Love the photos, and love that your outfit was tailor made for the queen bee throne. A nice coincidence. Also love it when we discover something new. The vibrant yellow canna looks lovely in your pond.

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    1. Thanks…I was really happy to find the canna has thrived. I wasn’t too sure of any success when it toppled and filled the pond with potting soil. Thanks for stopping by and the comment. 🙂


  2. Kathy, I am so glad to have been able to see you at long last- maybe sometime, somewhere in the not to distant future, I will travel to your country and be able to identify you with this photo etched in my memory.
    Needless to say, I enjoyed your pictures and am glad the canna survived. Where I come from, canna is a wild plant and grows easily.

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    1. Thanks Susie, It would be great to meet you in person! Cannas grow in the summer here…I usually don’t put them in my gardens because they take up so much room. In the pond, the miniature worked perfectly. I feel joyful every time I look at the pond and see that yellow blossom. Have a blessed day. Kathy

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