Project – Memento Frame

Photo collage created with Pic Monkey
Photo collage created with Pic Monkey

The collage displays several of the tiny memento frames I have in my home. I’ve posted about them in the past, but today I am showing the steps I took to create one of my own.


Why are the items in this photograph important to me? The watercolor snippet is awash with a few colors I frequently use when I paint. The colors perfectly matched the Cayman Island dollar bill my husband and I found beachcombing.


While on the same beach my husband picked up perfectly matched mussel shells, held them over his heart, and smiled that twinkly smile that captured my heart many years ago. I had to save the shells and find a way to keep them as a remembrance. After almost thirty-eight years, I still see the same boy I married.


The only tricky part in creating my project was gluing the shells to the collage. To do this I brushed a little glue in the interior of the shell, knowing that when I placed it right sight up on the canvas, the glue would slide down and “hopefully” adhere the shell to the collage without seeping out the sides. I used rubber cement since it is sticky rather than runny. It worked, most likely because the shells are very light and didn’t require a heavy duty adhesive.


I’m thrilled to have followed through with my idea. So often my beachcombing finds will lay in the bottom of a storage box for years. Do you have a memento of a special day? Create a small memento frame that will remind you of the happy occasion.

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