Photograph – Boundaries/Delaware Bay

Photo Challenge @ WordPress “This week, let’s explore the creative potential of limits, borders, and dividers of all types.”


I love this simplistic view of the Delaware Bay. Each ebb and flow of the tide carves new designs into the boundary of sand.

The photograph was taken in July of this year. Those of us who live near ocean waters return to them with a bit of trepidation each Spring and Summer, almost afraid to lay eyes upon what the N’or Easters and other storms have wrought upon the shoreline. Early October has already brought us a strong hurricane, thankfully, passing by out to sea. The boundaries are in place, but at some point, all shoreline boundaries are broken and changed.

6 thoughts on “Photograph – Boundaries/Delaware Bay

  1. Hi Kathy,
    i was searching for so long through all my posts to find a link to your blog and write to you. That is a beautiful photograph of the Delaware bay.
    I am laid up now for 4 days having been scalded on the front of my thighs and in pain. Please pray for me.

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      1. Yes, it did but totally unpredictably and accidentally. The door of the kitchen cupboard fell down suddenly for no reason on to the kitchen ledge, where a kettle full of hot water was kept. The kettle fell down and the hot water splashed onto my thighs- now I am scalded and in pain- cannot walk or wear clothes. I felt the need to talk to a friend, hence the request. Forgive me if I have imposed on you.

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        1. Oh Susie, you would never impose. I will certainly pray that you are healed. I have had things like that happen in my kitchen too. My spices are over the stove, and I cannot tell you how many times a jar has fallen down and into a pot and splashed boiling water or hot food all over the front of me. Luckily my clothes usually stop the worst of it. I am so glad it did not hit your face or hands.

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