Project – Autumn Tablecloth


If you are having a large crowd for a meal during the Autumn, consider making a one-of-a-kind tablecloth. Years ago, several members of my family helped me turn real leaves into stamps to create beautiful coverings for our tables. You will need: acrylic paints, an off-white tablecloth or flat bed sheets, surface protection, and some sort of paint applicator. (paint brushes or foam brushes)

Prepare the tablecloth or sheet: launder them if they are new to remove fabric sizing. If you need a smaller size, cut to size and hem the edges by hand or with a sewing machine.


Now you’re ready for the fun…gather leaves that are still soft and pliable. Brown, brittle leaves will crack when you apply paint and pressure to them. Make sure to have protection for your working surface under the sheet, the paint will definitely seep through to the back side. Spread acrylic paint, in Autumn colors, in splotches over the leaves, press down firmly, remove. You have just created a beautiful impression of the leaf that will last for decades. After twenty-four hours your tablecloths can be safely laundered in cool water. They should retain their color for many years. Mine are probably over fifteen years old.


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