Perspective and Projects – Sawdust Memories


Our majestic oak tree was taken down while we were on vacation. I had resigned myself to its removal, but it was still a blow to see the empty space where it once stood. As we walked amid the fallen pieces, despite our untrained eyes, we noticed areas of danger due to splits in the main trunk. At some point the tree or large branches would have fallen. We did the right thing in having it removed before a problem or tragedy occurred.


We have decided to keep a piece of the stump for our grandchildren to build a fairy house on. I also gathered bins of sawdust to use for stuffing some fabric birds I intend to make. I will save a few acorns, plant them in a pot, freeze them for several months, and attempt to grow some progeny of my beautiful oak tree.

2 thoughts on “Perspective and Projects – Sawdust Memories

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