Quick Tip & Plants – Over-wintering Geraniums


I am overwintering my geraniums in cardboard boxes this year. If you have room in your garage or basement, consider saving your geranium plants too. I lift my plants from the ground with a spading fork and brush away as much soil as possible. After they are stored in boxes, I will check the plants each week to remove dead leaves. It’s also a good idea to inspect the geraniums every few weeks for the development of mold or mildew.

Susan’s in the Garden,”video tutorial demonstrates two techniques for over-wintering your geraniums.

8 thoughts on “Quick Tip & Plants – Over-wintering Geraniums

  1. Geraniums are some of my favorite flowers – I bought some that are on clearance one year – and it hooked me – and now I will splurge on one or two because they are great – and usually i put one near the mailbox to add some middle height with the perennials there – a bright pink or red geranium looks so good. Anyhow – great idea to store these over winter – here in va I have had them come back once or twice – only if the enter was mild – and with mulch down….

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