Project & Plants – Creating a Houseplant Trellis


My indoor geraniums have grown very tall. The stems are not standing up beneath the extra weight the height adds; time to create some type of a stake or trellis for support.

I gathered up supplies: string and twigs. I also had some pipe cleaners on hand in case I needed something to hold the twigs in place while I tied the string.


I laid out the basic shape and then began tying the twigs together using a double cross-over knot. I used a haphazard pattern instead of trying to perfectly space each stick.


A quick trim of the excess twig length on the sides and the trellis was ready to use.


The trellis cost me nothing; the twigs were gathered, and I had the string on hand. I think the green sticks make a prettier and more natural-appearing support than the cheap plastic varieties I see available in garden centers.

4 thoughts on “Project & Plants – Creating a Houseplant Trellis

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