Plants & Quick Tip – Amaryllis Blooms & Natural Supports

amaryllis collage

My amaryllis has opened, displaying white petals blushed with pink. Before the plant bloomed, the heaviness of the buds caused the stem to lean precariously to the right. A quick walk in the woods yielded a dead branch from a laurel bush. I prefer to use natural support for my houseplants. The curvy twig was the perfect helping hand for my amaryllis stem, and gives an artsy/woodsy feel to the flower display.



11 thoughts on “Plants & Quick Tip – Amaryllis Blooms & Natural Supports

  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. This time of year, it’s always encouraging to see new growth. Just the other day I was pondering whether to bring one of these home, and I talked myself out of it. Trying to be rational and responsible. So thanks for letting me enjoy the bloom, even though it’s not living in my house. Much appreciated. 🙂


Thanks so much for your comments. They fill my life with sunshine.

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