8 thoughts on “Quotes – Wednesday Wisdom/Winter

    1. I have a hard time following my own advice though…I think about things too long, and end up keeping things I should give away. I’m doing well this year…I have donated quite a few times to the Vietnam Veterans. They will pick up from my front porch, and it helps me streamline my life a bit.


  1. Kathy,
    Good life advice though. It is good to clean up the closets of our memories and let old hurts go- like old clothes that don’t fit or are torn or cannot be used. It makes space for new stuff or can be useful for someone else( material things I mean, not memories- how can our memories and hurts be useful to anyone else ?:)
    So are you into spring cleaning now ? Do you have a big house with a lot of closets with accumulated stuff ?
    With a teenage daughter who is growing in all directions, I have to empty her cupboard many times a year and throw outgrown stuff out and then school books and stuff, when she has passed one grade.
    I am wonderstruck at how much money we humans spend on clothes, which at the time seemed something we just had to have but barely six months later, don’t fit or we won’t be seen outside with them.
    Wish the good old times were back where we knew the value of money and resources.
    Thanks for the reminder.

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    1. Hi Susie, I remember those teenaged years…although my boys are long past them, and into their thirties. I don’t have so much in the way of clothes as in other stuff. Things I’ve accumulated that I will never use. I just boxed up three beautiful lamps…they are lovely, but they were first in the house of someone else, and I then used them for years, and now they don’t really go with anything anymore. Someone else will love them I am sure. That is what makes me feel good when I give things away…someone else will consider them a treasure…that is how I feel when I find something lovely at a yard sale or secondhand shop.

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