Photographs – Challenges/Vibrant Top Ten Historical Sites on Tuesday

I love the challenges that WordPress, and fellow bloggers, extend to the blogging community. I enjoy the mental stretching and growth the challenges prompt in me. In today’s post I’ve fulfilled five challenges. Read or skim through the content of the post and see if you think I was able to incorporate all five as a coherent whole, and at the same time, stay true to my commitment to keep the word count in my posts low.

“This week, share a photo of Something Vibrant. Let’s wash the web with a rainbow of colors to keep the winter gloom at bay.” ~ Jen H./Wordpress Photo Challenge

These RAINBOW cottages stand in the Pitman Methodist Campground, now commonly called ‘The Grove,’ in Pitman, New Jersey. I couldn’t find a solid purple house, but did find some pretty lavender gingerbread to stand in its stead.

1. The Pitman Grove is number one in my Top Ten Tuesday Historical Sites, not because it is the best, only that it is the closest in distance.

Rainbow Cottage - Red

Rainbow Cottages - Orange
Color Your World – 120 Days of Crayola. – Eggplant (Foundation Color of Cottage)

Rainbow Cottage - yellow

Rainbow Cottage - green

Rainbow Cottage - Blue

Rainbow Cottage purple

Below you will find the rest of my top ten historical sites for Top Ten Tuesday by Broke and Bookish Blog. I’ve kept this list exclusive to the U.S., but hope to someday compile a list of Top Ten Historical Sites Worldwide.

2. Rowan University, Glassboro, New Jersey – Site of Glassboro Summit Conference talks between Lyndon B. Johnson and Alexei Kosygin. I was in the crowd, but did not see Johnson or Kosygin, I was still in grade school. In the same crowd was a young man I would marry years later, he was able to shake the hand of Lyndon Johnson.

3. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – The City of Brotherly Love. There are so many historical sites in Philadelphia I have visited and loved. The Art Museum, The Zoological Society, Franklin Institute, Academy of Natural Sciences, The U.S. Mint, Reading Market…the list could go on.

4. The Jersey Shore The Jersey Shore from Atlantic City to Cape May. The ocean beaches, the bays…I love all the Jersey Shore.

5. Red Bank Battlefield, Revolutionary War Site. – This is a lovely place to go and watch air and river travel.

6. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania – Thousands of Americans from both the North and the South died here. There is still a sense of sadness in the atmosphere. It is hard to explain unless you have experienced it. Everywhere you walk and gaze, men died, giving their lives for the cause they believed in. A must-see if you are interested in American History.

7. Arlington National Cemetery – A place to honor those who gave their lives for our country. Also visit the grave of the 35th president of the USA, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

8.Mount Vernon – Mount Vernon – Home of the first president of the U.S. – George Washington.

9. Williamsburg and Jamestown, Virginia – One of my all-time favorite areas to visit. My grandparents lived in the Tidewater area of Virginia, and in many ways it still feels like a second home to me.

10. Washington, D.C. – U.S. Capitol

A few more favorite historical areas on the East Coast: New Hope, PA, Brandywine Valley, PA, Batsto Village NJ, Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC, Block Island, RI, and Jim Thorpe, PA, the Chesapeake Bay, Easton, MD, Tilghman’s Island, MD, and others!

I love visiting these amazing historical areas, and hope to continue doing so in the future. Like so many of us, to accomplish all these goals and dreams I definitely need “Twenty-five hours in a day, seven days a week.” I hope all the dips and turns and strange nuances in this post of challenges has not been confusing. 😀

Search out a few challenges to take part in here on WordPress . If you aren’t a blogger consider starting one. I enjoy the challenges and meeting people from all over the world. Thanks for reading!

23 thoughts on “Photographs – Challenges/Vibrant Top Ten Historical Sites on Tuesday

        1. I will…perhaps I can create a blog post about solving the mystery of the mystery…I can link back to your blog in it, or just let you know if I get an answer???
          Let me know what would work for you.


  1. Kathy,
    I loved your post- remembered your older post about the Pitman grove and its houses. Did you visit again, then ?
    I went through your list of 10 and was shocked to find that Gettysburg is in Pennsylvania. OMG. Where is it exactly, I mean, how far from Philadelphia ?
    I loved the Reading Market in Philly- the multi-cultural hues of food, flavours and tastes- a traveller’s souvenir. I never managed to go into any of the museums in Philadelphia or elsewhere, ( don’t laugh,), because I had no money to spare but saw everyone of the Philadelphia museums you mentioned from outside, as I walked everyday around the town.
    Please post pictures of Philadelphia when you can.
    Also Kathy, I understand, you have been blogging for 5 years now. If you could put up a list of the months and years of your posts on the right side, I could go to the very first post you wrote and start reading your picto- blog from its start.
    God bless you !

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    1. Hi Susie, I walk through the grove quite frequently since it is very near my home. Maybe a mile…an easy bike ride. I love Philadelphia, but haven’t been in the city for quite a few months. The museums and also the atmosphere of the area where so much history began for our country is fun to experience.

      On the left hand sidebar is a drop-down menu with all my blog posts. It is right above the photograph of the journal page. If you click on it you will see lists of the different months I have blogged. If you click on those it will take you to that year and month. I am in the process of giving the blog a winter house-cleaning. Because I am getting near the limit for how much content and photographs I can store I need to remove a few posts, youtube videos, etc., that take up a lot of room. Thanks Susie! I enjoy your comments. Kathy

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    2. Hi Susie, I forgot to answer about Gettysburg. From my house it is between 21/2 to 3 hours drive. A little far for a daytrip, so we usually stay overnight. My husband is a fan of dirt track races, and once in a while I will take him to one of the dirt tracks in the area and drive on to Gettysburg to walk around for a few hours. I enjoy it more though when I have a friend or family member with me.

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      1. Kathy, sorry for my ignorance but what are dirt track races ?
        Gettysburg is quite close to NJ ?
        I googled it and it said it was on the Pennsylvania, Maryland border- which makes sense because the war at Gettysburg should have taken place some place close to the National Capital, I guess. For some reason, I always thought, Gettysburg was near Atlanta or in Texas or something like that.
        BTW, what was the Civil War for ?

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        1. Hi Susie, dirt track races are oval tracks that drivers can use for racing their cars. It is one of my husbands favorite activities in warmer weather. I don’t go with him…the loud motor noises, race track fumes…not for me. I usually stay home and use that opportunity to watch movies he doesn’t like.


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