Plants – Iris

iris 2

My favorite iris plants are blooming. Because my area of the country is swamped in daily rain showers at this time, I decided to bring these beauties inside to enjoy in a vase. The colors, frills and fragrance of iris plants make them a good choice for indoor bouquets. Be prepared for complete enchantment when their fragrance fills the air. I can’t remember the name of this variety, but the scent is a mixture of grape-notes and soft florals.

iris 3

A vase with weight on the bottom is the best choice for displaying iris.

4 thoughts on “Plants – Iris

  1. Vicki

    They r gorgeous!
    But keep In mind that they are extremely toxic for cats. I almost lost my cat last month because he chewed on an iris I had in a vase!

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  2. Love your description. Can practically smell the sweet aroma from here. I am always grateful that whoever owned this home before me planted many of them out front in a small circular area, and each Spring I get to enjoy them blooming, and adore their vibrant color and aroma. I do love Iris, but also love daffodils, and lilies. All of them beautiful.

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    1. Your Spring garden sounds lovely. I love daffodils and lilies too. I put in a few more lily bulbs this Spring, bought them at Aldi grocery store on impulse, and they are doing great. Only a couple haven’t shown up yet, and there is still time for them to burst through the earth. I’m looking forward to more blooms and to smell that wonderful fragrance.


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