Posies – Arranging Gangly Flower Stems

IMG_1462 (2)

Lance-leaved coreopsis is  blooming this week in my wildflower garden. The plants are loaded with dozens of flowers, providing the perfect opportunity for creating a tabletop bouquet.

The stems of Coreopsis lanceolata (Lance-leaved Coreopsis) are gangly, and quickly droop upon cutting. To use them for an indoor bouquet requires breaking the traditional rules of floral arranging. Instead of placing  foliage sprigs beneath the flowers, place the blooms around the rim of your vase, allowing  the foliage to take center stage. The vase supports the weight of the flowers forming a circle of gold around the bright green foliage. Beautiful! A lovely informal bouquet for your kitchen table.

10 thoughts on “Posies – Arranging Gangly Flower Stems

  1. You are right, the yellow colour is amazing and the contrast with that particular shade of green- wonderful effects. Maybe you could paint them. I would have thought these flowers were cosmos.Thanks for letting us know the correct name.
    PS : I did make sauerkraut with the recipe shared by one of your friends on a youtube video.

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      1. I must confess I have never eaten Kraut before- so I have only this one for an example and it tastes wonderful- like a lot of other pickled vegetables. I needed to get some probiotics as I can’t use dairy and so I was looking for alternatives.

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