Planting – A Salute to Garden Volunteers


Anyone who has read my blog over a period of time knows that I love the garden plants that spring up as volunteers. I found a few volunteer tomato sprouts amongst my roses and blue lobelia this week. (The sprout in this post  stands to the left of the larger plant in the photograph) My best guess as to the original location of the seed was soil I used this year in my winter sowing .

untitled (2)

Happily for me, an empty spot in my Square Foot Garden was the perfect fit for my volunteer.  I dug up the sprout, transported it on my trowel, and planted. It’s a mystery as to the variety, and that makes it all the more fun. Oh the gardening life…what a joy!


6 thoughts on “Planting – A Salute to Garden Volunteers

  1. Isn’t that just wonderful? It’s like a gift from Nature. I am also finding lovely plants in my garden that I know I haven’t planted myself, so I guess it’s a way for the birds to say thank you to me for all the seeds I put out there for them.

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  2. Kathy, as they say- as you sow, so shall you reap. The tomato seedlings are the soil’s way of saying thank you for the care you provide them during the year. Your post is so full of positivity and new beginnings.

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